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mighty bee picture mighty bee picture

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how old are you?

if you are over 10, this is really kinda bad. i looked over all of your drawings, and i have to agree with both lazy muffin AND happy harry. you need work. now you don't have to listen to me, but happy harry and lazy muffin both produce some very good animations. if i were you i'd take what they said and use it to motivate you to become better. if you are only a young kid, then you have time to get better, and use this time appropriately. if you love art, you should strive to become better and push yourself so that next time, no artist can give you a bad critique. my advice to you would be take your time drawing. draw what you actually see, and make sure to make smooth lines. your wavy/ choppy lines of varying thicknesses really hurts the quality of your art. as well your proportions (sizes) are really off.

anyway, i want to wish you the best o luck with your future endeavors, and i hope you get better,

sorry that i'm not a fan