2010-01-14 21:34:56 by The-Mega-God

AHH i feel like my brain is bound to bust, and like pandoras box release its demons, bound so tight with their rusted chains, broken free the dirty heathens. once freed upon the world due to their lack of stimulation, through the creaking body pains and the hunger of starvation, without mercy they will take what isn't theres to have, no restraints, simply instinct they will destroy all they see. journeying out ward to fill their gullets, staved beast from within me. how i long to keep them locked away, my thoughts of damned transgressions, yet they gain more strength and energy the less occupied i am. so please dear listener, take my word as vital guidance, see the more bored i get the more the world is damned.


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2010-02-14 13:09:49

But your the mega god.. How could your brain be bound to dust?