stop using your nose

2008-11-07 01:54:56 by The-Mega-God

stop beleiving in fairy tales! pens are not controlling puppets of duche like proportions! OBAMA! obomdilla, ombabahmaboo, ambigdalia. finally we have power! i am in the real estate bussiness. i can't answer the phone! who is that on the other line! tell them to go home! people need to get undressed in piece and quiet! i can't stand for all this feverish denial. why cant i dream of ice cream? why must i dream only of homes with house stuph. and why does grandpa keep soiling himself. he smells awful. make him eat less cheese and more mint. then he will fart and poo green and pretty. i just want feet to be pink. i hate purple feet. they smell like bad candy...... did anyone just see that? that man just kissed his sister. and her dog. he now has a horrible stb. a very bad sexually transmitted baby. ewww i just gargled shoe polish. i should see a doctor. i think i will be sick. my mouth is now black and gooey. stop reading this and do your home work young man! we have too many fish to fry and too little fungus. how can you fry fish without fungus! go get fungus quick! the bears are waking up!


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2008-11-07 07:00:49

fuck me

The-Mega-God responds:

be careful what you say.. or i may, some day... maybe not today... some time far away... perhaps let's say tuesday?... you have been warned



2008-11-07 22:57:33

wtf =^.^=

The-Mega-God responds:

have you the power?